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C8 Corvette Flying Frunk Issues Reported

What in the Flying Frunk is happening to the new C8?

Back on July 9th a report was filed with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding a supposed issued regarding the C8's trunk flying open while operating vehicle, at many times, relatively low speeds. Since then, a total of 5 complaints have been logged with the NHTSA. More recently a video has surfaced online showing the Flying Frunk Feature in action!

At this time GM's only comment comes as a post shared on the MidEngineCorvetteForum that reads:

"After isolated reports of 2020 Chevrolet Corvette hoods being inadvertently left open while being driven, the engineering team is investigating the potential issue and will be working to prevent them moving forward. We have not been able to identify any mechanical issues related this situation. We’re looking at ways we can improve warnings of the hood being open by increasing the volume of warning chimes and changing the messaging that appears in the DIC. Vehicles already in the field would receive these changes through over-the-air updates.”

Given the panel gaps reported on the new Corvette, it's not unreasonable to think that someone may miss the frunk being ajar (see images below)

However, it does seem a bit strange that people would miss the massive red flashing warning light that Corvette has taking up half the gauge cluster to alert you that your Frunk is open. But then again, given the state of humanity these days, I am not sure I can even confidently say that.

But either way, adamant dential of any issues regardless of how much factual evidence is presented is always the most effective way to solve issues these days. So we will just have to wait and the first step in problem-solving, at least, as of late.

We are currently unaware of any issues here in Canada at this time. But as we start to see more and more C8's on the road, this will be something we keep an eye out for.


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Accounts dynamicsvacuum
Accounts dynamicsvacuum
Sep 22, 2022

Regardless of issues its pleasure to watch such beast in action


Jun 01, 2021

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Nov 15, 2020

I love bronco

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