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Vancouver Car Scene - Community Member Article

Community Member Article

by Carlo Acob

Vancouver’s tri-city area, like many large cities around Canada, is home to an ever-growing group of car enthusiasts. The lower mainland has helped procure some of the best builds and plays host to a huge diversity of cars. What sets Vancouver apart from most other major cities is its location. With quick access to winding back roads, open highways and picture-perfect scenery Vancouver is an incubator for an immersive car culture.

Shows such as “The Vancouver International Car Show”, “DRIVEN” and the occasional “A&W Drive-In” vintage shows bring together people from all walks of life. Whether it's to meet up and share stores, swap parts, or just share their passion, there is something for everyone.

One such show is the yearly Abbotsford “Full Throttle” summer meet hosted by the Fraser Valley Car Club (VCC). The meet is focused on the younger enthusiasts and allows them to show their unique and diverse builds. From modified imports, high horsepower muscle, and even simple and clean daily drivers, this meet allows any car enthusiast to become engaged in the community and socialize. Even though the location often changes but the turnout is always high.

The video above (Created by Carlo Acob) is one of the first to show off the “Full Throttle” meet and the great enthusiasts who come out to this event and make it what it is.

This post was written by Carlo Acob and edited by our editorial staff.

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