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A Car Blog For Canadians

Well first off... this blog is about cars... (yes this includes SUV's, Trucks, ect.) We made this blog to bring together car lovers, and build a community of car lovers all across Canada. We want to talk to everyone, from the people who baby their cars, to the teenagers who just got their first car. We want to talk about the good, and bad and everything in between. Our goal is to create engaging content to share with you, that you can use, relate to, agree or disagree with and to help everyone engage the Car Community of Canada. 

We want to make this as much about the community as possible! So if you have events, meet ups, inside information, or anything car related that needs sharing let us know! We are working on pages to show Local events in every province. So if you have an event you want to be featured please go to our Events page and fill out the form for your event! We will do our best to get it up on the website ASAP! 

So to answer your questions, should you Subscribe? Honestly your call. If you like what you see, do it. If you love cars, do it. If you think you can contribute, let us know, we love hearing from other car people! If you would rather be out driving, please subscribe then go out for a drive. (Do not read our blog and drive at the same time!!). 

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Apr 23, 2019

Hi: I am converting 1999 Ford Escort to electric. After taking the 2 Litre engine out & a DC electric motor directly connected to the 4 speed automatic transmission. No torque converter as a unit but after cutting the TQ, I used the engine side to connect the motor & the output side to the transmission. Problem was that the oil was flowing out from the splines although the axles were turning both ways. After we enclosed the unit as one assembly to contain the oil-the axles are not turning any more. What could be the problem?


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