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Mercedes-Benz no longer selling Diesels in Canada or the US. But Why?

As of checking June 1, 2017 there are currently no new diesel models for sale on Mercedes-Benz Canadian and US website.

Old news? Well yes, but we wanted to do some digging.

Back in April Mercedes said the absence of diesels from their 2017 model year lineup, should be blamed on delays getting emissions-related approvals from the U.S. government. Though the announcement officially only applies to U.S. operations, given the fact that no diesel models are currently for sale in Canada, we can only assume that the same holds true for us up north.

Now this doesn’t come as a shock, considering the different emissions scandals that we are all well aware of.

However some Canadians may find it a bit of a shock that Mercedes would choose to pull out of the Diesel vehicle market, as “The diesel take rate for model lines available with diesel (E-Class, GLK, GLE, M-Class, GL-Class) was 66.1% in December and 71% overall in 2015” (1) According to a Mercedes Media release back in 2016.

So why would Mercedes pull a vehicle option from their lineup that was optioned on the majority of available cars? Only time will tell.


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Jun 29, 2020

Really nice car,Thanks for sharing!!!

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