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McLaren Sells 5,000th Car in North America.

Just 7 years ago you the only way you could say you were going to drive your McLaren was if it had a Mercedes badge on the front of it, or if you owed one of the 64 road going F1’s. But today that's a reality for 5,000 more people in North America. The 5,000th car, a Silica White 570S Spider, was delivered this week to California-based customer Dr. Gary Leach.

McLaren began selling cars into the North American market back in December of 2011. And since then, North America has come to represent more than a third of the growing automakers overall business.

They currently service customers through 22 retail stores through North America and they plan to expand that over the coming months. The company also plans to launch another 12 vehicles before 2022, half of which are expected to utilize a hybrid powertrain.

So hats off to McLaren for jumping into the space with a bang, and for continuing to push the limits of what cars are capable of.


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