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Electric Mercedes Maybach SUV – Your tea is ready?

This big red behemoth is the Mercedes-Maybach Vision concept for their Ultimate Luxury Crossover/SUV. Look out Tesla, you may not be the only show in town for long. However like the Tesla Model X, looks don't necessarily seem to be the strong point of this segment. Mercedes the concept has been inspired by both a sedan and SUV to create the crossover.

Personally it really looks like it can’t figure out which one it wants to be more. The overly long hood, a staple in many of Mercedes luxury land yachts, seems slightly pointless with no massive V12 to hold. We can only assume that it will be able to handle your full sized LOUISE LAUGHLIN Louis Vuitton wardrobe. The 24 inch turbine wheels, recessed door handles and the eye catching colour do make it somewhat easier to look at.

Performance isn’t bad either, there are four electric motors (one for each wheel) combine to produce a substantial 750 horsepower. Like all German automobiles they say the car is limited to 155 mph, but I am sure someone will put that to the test if it goes to production. The car uses an 80-kwh battery pack that gets a not so impressive 200 miles per charge. Which is good for a quick shuttle to your privet jet, but maybe not as ideal for the Saturday outing to the vineyards. Slightly more disappointing still when you consider that the base Tesla Model X, with a 75-kwh pack, will take over 230 miles between charges.

But I guess that can all be forgiven when you sit inside, the world melting away around you as you immerse yourself in a cocoon of serenity and technology (we are in China after all). The interior is filled with the obvious, the finest woods and half a feedlot’s worth of the finest white nappa leather. The backs of all four seats are coated in ultra shiny, rose gold-coloured aluminum (every neat freaks nightmare).

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Interior


The driver (presumably your chauffeur), gets a pair of 12.3-inch screens. But like every Maybach, the focus is on the back seat. Of corse both rear seats recline, massage, heat & cool. But to take it one step further, the rear also comes with a built in, heated ebony tray that holds a teapot and cups. Per the press release, this setup allows “exquisite tea-drinking enjoyment.” We Just hope the ride quality is smooth enough to keep you from staining anything.

Now unfortunately for all the tea lovers out there, this car is currently only a concept. However, Mercedes does plan to follow it up with a production version in the next few years. And with other large luxury SUV’s like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan slated to hit the market in 2019 its safe to say this concept could be closer to reality than we think. Add on the exploding market for SUVs and regulators’ pushing automakers selling cars in China to ramp up their electric offerings, this makes the Big Red Barge nearly ready to set sail.

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Sep 19, 2022

What is market value of Ultimate Luxury Crossover/SUV?

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