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Audi can’t keep its cool – 1.2 Million Vehicles Recalled Worldwide

47,704 that's the number of cars and SUV’s Audi Canada will be issuing a recall for on or before June 11th 2018.

This comes as part of a massive 1.2 million vehicle recall affecting; 

  • 2013 to 2016 A4

  • 2013 to 2017 A5

  • 2012 to 2015 A6

  • 2013 to 2017 Q5

All have 2.0-litre turbocharged engines.

The recalling affects approximately 391,000 cars and SUVs in the United States and Canada alone.

The U.S. government found that the pumps can become blocked with cooling system debris, or that moisture buildup in the pump can cause an electrical short. No official reports of fires have been cited by the Canadian or US government databases .

Parts are not expected to be available until sometime in November for US customers and there has been no comment on when we can expect them in Canada. Dealers will however install a new version of the current pump until the redesigned ones are available.

A recall for a software update last year was supposed to resolve this issue however the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published documents noting that the pump problems continued.


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