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2018 Toronto Auto Show Review

In all honesty I didn't make it to this years auto show. A full time job, and other commitments prevented me. Also the fact that I was able to attend last years VIP night made it hard to think I would have to stand in line to sit in or even view my favorite cars. So what did I miss?

Thankfully I have friends in the car world who were keen to show me all the things I missing by not attending the show. So for those of you who missed it, I have started a list of all the things you too may have missed. And for those of you who did attend please feel free to send us a message as I would enjoy adding to the list!

AMG Project One:

Porsche GT2 RS:

Subaru WRX STI RA:

Volvo XC40:  


(picture not shown but its okay because your not missing much)



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